KRIEGA Subframe loops (silver)-0
KRIEGA Subframe loops (silver)
Subframe loops (silver)
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KRIEGA Comp Strap (pair)
Comp Strap (pair)
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KRIEGA US-20 shoulder strap-0
KRIEGA US-20 shoulder strap
US-20 shoulder strap
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Travel organiser / wallet
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KRIEGA US-30 shoulder strap-0
KRIEGA US-30 shoulder strap
US-30 shoulder strap
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KRIEGA Cam Straps-0
KRIEGA Cam Straps
2 x Heavy-duty nylon Cam straps (1.5m long) for extra luggage attachment.
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KRIEGA Strap Keeper (x5)
Strap Keeper (x5)
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KRIEGA US-5 drypack (strap kit)-0
KRIEGA US-5 drypack (strap kit)
US-5 drypack (strap kit)
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KRIEGA Kube Organizer-0
KRIEGA Kube Organizer
Padded pack for anything that requires extra protection
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KRIEGA US Hook Straps-0
KRIEGA US Hook Straps
US Hook Straps
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KRIEGA Harness Pocket-0
KRIEGA Harness Pocket
Rucksack harness pocket, also fits waistpack belts
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KRIEGA Fork Seal-0
KRIEGA Fork Seal
Increased service life for your USD forks with more effective protection from mud & dirt
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